AVEL group presentation

The AVEL company belongs to the family group ALMA FRC which was founded in 1977 by Alexandre Moura.

In 2004 he passed the leadership to his son Marc.

This family run business consisting of 48 employees realizes a turnover of €12 million.

In Spain, its subsidiary AVEL HISPANIA, based near Barcelona, ​​markets its ranges in Hispanic and Latin American countries.

A targeted acquisition policy has allowed AVEL to acquire unparalleled expertise and global brands, oldest of which dates back to 1872. AVEL products are manufactured in the AVEL plant, sized over 7,500 m2, located in the Southwest France in Charente Cognac country, south of ANGOULEME.

Since its creation, AVEL are distinguished by its desire to bring new concepts to the preservation and beautification of the noblest materials: Wood, Metal, Tiles, Leather ... Every product is developed to satisfy consumers or professionals demands that are correspondent to their needs.

Our presence extends to more than 75 countries, with our clients our best ambassadors.

ALMA F.R.C. group


The group Alma FRC  goes back three generations, Lucien, Alexander and Marc Moura, the present owner, and has a main brand Saphir which is celebrating  its 95th anniversary.

With more than 7,500 products the group  today is world no 1  in products specialising in leather and textile care as well as universal shoe accessories:  shoe trees, brushes, shoe horns, cases etc distributed mainly to bootmakers, shoemakers, and people selling leather wear.

The group is also very active in the renovation of noble material such as wood, tiles, precious metals with its label Louis XIII.

Alma FRC has a turnover of more than 30 million euros and employs 150 people.

The notoriety of the group extends naturally over the five continents including more than 70 countries thanks to our clients, our best ambassadors.

80% of the turnover is generated outside of France.

Group Firms

AVEL SAS - 16320 MAGNAC-LAVALETTE - FRANCE - www.avel.com

Filiale Espagne - AVEL Hispania - Pont de Monistrol 2 - 08770 SAN SANDURNI D'ANOIA - www.avel.es



PERFECTA SAS - 2 rue Fulton - ZIN NORD - 87100 LIMOGES - FRANCE - www.avel.com/la-coordonnerie-anglaise-paris.html



TARRAGO BRANDS INTERNATIONAL S.L. - Narcis Monturiol 18 - Pol. Ind. Bufavlent - MANRESA - BARCELONE - ESPAGNE - www.tarrago.com

Marque : TARRAGO


DUNKELMAN & SON Ltd - The Manor House, Gold Street, Desborough Northans NN14 2PF - ANGLETERRE - www.dunkelman.com

Marque : DASCO