Saphir which was awarded the Medaille D’or (gold medal) in Paris in 1925 for the quality of its leather care products, offers a complete and unmatched range.  This is the result of a constant and tight collaboration with the greatest brands in leather goods and footwear.  Our materials are chosen for their efficiency, we use natural products:  essence of Turpentine, Bees wax, Carnauba wax, Lanolin, Mink oil, Neatsfoot, vegetal materials….it is thus that the greatest boot and leather manufacturers use Saphir Medaillle D’or on their leathers.  It is possible to maintain the original patina of your leathers, while keeping the vagaries of time and taking advantage of the many years of expert craftsmanship. 

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Mirror Gloss

TECHNICAL FEATURES: This paste has been specially elaborated to answer professional bootmakers and shoe shiners needs, to obtain an irreproachable gloss in a faster & easier way, to be more productive. Gloss is reached faster than with PÂTE DE LUXE MEDAILLE D’OR which is naturally softer as its purpose is also to clean, nourish & hydrate leather. This unique formula has been reached by carefully choosing the hardest and shinier natural waxes, concentrating them into a formula where naturally greasy solvents such as turpentine have been introduced in the best proportion to allow an optimal grip & drying process between successive thin coats of MIRROR GLOSS applications. Perfect mixing with water.
Product texture seems dry but it’s just hard : finger can’t be pushed into the product & allows to perfectly dose right amount onto the glazing cloth. The cloth grips without slipping on the product, which is perfect for dosing, even more for gloss finishes.

The best waxes are naturally found in this formulation such as the most known ones: Montan wax, Carnauba wax, Bees wax. Others are kept secret in order to protect our laboratory’s work who elaborated this formula in collaboration with the best shoemakers.


CONDITIONS OF USE: This product is exclusively meant to obtain gloss on shoe ends only as gloss doesn’t hold on inverted pleats.



  1. MIRROR GLOSS applies after your shoe care, see below ADVICES section
  2. Apply MIRROR GLOSS with a cotton cloth tighten around your 2nd & 3rd fingers, by circle movements on shoe part to glaze. Pressure on leather must be light as the feeling is very touch sensitive. Renew application. As soon as you feel a grip, drop a few drops of water on the leather with your finger.
  3. Kindly stroke leather with the same cloth while still doing circle moves. Aim is now to bring up the shine and give relief to the shoe by repeating previous steps to enhance glazing shine. Glazing is a slow operation; don’t hesitate to alternate from left shoe to right shoe to allow the different layers to dry.
  4. Let dry for ½ an hour without brushing the leather not to scratch the hardly obtained result.
  5. Polish using a POLISHING GLOVE (ref 2520)

 ADVICES: We bring your attention on the fact that MIRROR GLOSS is absolutely not meant for complete care of the shoe but only glazing.

 If your shoe is dirty (black marks…) or clogged with waxes residues, silicone or resin, it is important to clean leather pores beforehand with SAPHIR RENOMAT (ref0514). Test on a hidden part.

If your shoes are regularly taken care of and don’t need a cleaning using RENOMAT, we recommend using beforehand MEDAILLE D’OR LOTION (ref 1093) or MEDAILLE D’OR RENOVATEUR (ref 1123) which will allow moisturizing & gentle cleaning of leather pores without degrading patina.

Before using MIRROR GLOSS, we recommend waxing your shoes by alternating their care with :

-          1925 CREAM (ref 1033), very nourishing & moisturizing thanks to its fluidity.

-          1925 PATE DE LUXE (ref 1002 / 1004) which allow deeper shine and remains a must for professional shoeshiners.

We also recommend applying these products with POMMADIER BRUSH (2601), which not only coming handy, will allow right care for the upper, and the welt.

  • 100ml