SAPHIR was founded in 1920 and is now France’s foremost brand. It is also a world leader due to the quality and diversity of its leather care and renovation products and has successfully met the challenge of maintaining traditional manufacturing practices. As the result of constant research and the successful combination of premium quality raw materials, SAPHIR products offer you the world’s broadest range to protect and beautify all types of leather. Accordingly, the finest boot-makers, shoe-makers and leather goods manufacturers across the five continents and in over 50 countries use SAPHIR products to maintain the «leather’s health and beauty». We are determined to pay close attention and respond to the legitimate expectations of leather industry professionals and a demanding clientele. Our goal is to offer them products manufactured from natural raw materials, selected for their efficacy: turpentine oil, beeswax, carnauba, lanoline and ozokerite wax, jojoba, mink, neatsfoot and sweet almond oil… With this policy, SAPHIR is the only brand in the world to refrain from incorporating any resin or silicon whatsoever in the manufacture of its polishes, and from marketing any product harmful to leather life. This policy enables SAPHIR to strengthen its leadership position and international reputation day by day. Today, your decision to distribute the SAPHIR range boosts the legitimacy of your specialist offer and enhances your image as leather goods professional. Our products will guarantee you the continued loyalty of your clientele seeking quality and efficacy. SAPHIR, with its "BEAUTE DU CUIR" range will protect all your clients’ items from the vagaries of the weather for their greater benefit … and yours!



Shoe horns

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Imperial Shoe Horn
Wood and brass shoehorn. 60cm. Horse, duck, eagle, hand.(for detailed picture of the (...) Read more …
Shoe Horn with leather thong
Length: 17.5 cm. Read more …
Plastic Shoe Horn
Large shoehorn : 42 cm, made from plastic imitation horn. Read more …
Metal Shoe Horn Curved Small
Silver-colored metal, 18.5 cm Read more …
Metal Shoe Horn Curved Large
Silver-colored metal, 52 cm Read more …
Travel Shoe Horn Metal
Small metal shoehorn, ideal for travel.Size 12 cmWeight : 40 gms Read more …
Wood Shoe Horn Large
Made of wood with leather thong. 65 cm Read more …