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TOLEMAIL® Black High Temperature Paint

Special High Temperature Paint for protecting all metal pieces made of iron, steel, bronze... (stovepipe, boiler, fireback, firedog...) or wood, stone, terra cotta....

Remarks :
- Interior/exterior.
- Satiny shiny appearance.
- Resists up to temperature peaks of 280°C.
- Apply in a single coat with a Brush or with a spray gun (dilute at 10% with DILUVAL ).
- On aluminium, avoid application of an undercoat (possible loss of HT properties ), but pickle the metal (apply water diluted with 15% of phosphoric acid, leave for 15mn, rinse with clean water and dry.)  Directly afterwards, apply Black TOLEMAIL HT.
- Mecanic sanding on stainless steel.

  • 100
  • 250
  • 5000